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Breakin' All Records is an independent label that has been in business since 1986 specializing in bringing you the highest of quality in underground music.  Breakin' All Records was  founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1986 but relocated it's headquarters to Dallas, Texas in March of 2004.  Taking it independently to the same "Playing Field" as the majors.  Years later and still ahead of our time.  Here at Breakin' All Records we do things on our terms and our way.  No puppets and no middle man!  The best advice we can give to anyone aspiring to get into this music industry is to EDUCATE yourself with an exclamation mark!  Talent alone is not sufficient enough to ''make it" in this industry.  Also make sure to be clear of your OWN definition of success...Don't let others define success FOR you.  Know what YOU want out of it and go for it, but keep in mind that many times there are no real tangible ways of measuring success in this business.  
All of the music we release is registered with the performance rights society (ASCAP) and also encoded with NBDS.  The name of our publishing company is "HODNETTWORKS UNLIMITED".  So please don't hesitate to spin us on the radio.  Do it because you appreciate our music and no other reason...We don't believe in PAYOLA and it will be a cold day in hell before we pay a radio station to spin our music.  We get personal gratification from the fans that love our music and tell others about it.  So whether our music is bumpin' on the airwaves or bumpin' in the trunk, ipod, boombox, etc.,  just be sure to know we will keep coming through your speakers one way or the other.  Word of mouth is how we have thrived and continue to do so for this long.  Check us out and be sure to tell a friend about us!  Thanks.

CEO- Lamont Hodnett d.b.a.: (Breakin' All Records)

Here is an OLD article written by journalist "Jamie Lee Rake" that documents the very beginnings of hip-hop in Milwaukee, WI in the (80's) era and of course
"BREAKIN' ALL RECORDS".  I'm told it was originally published in the UNITED KINGDOM in 1989 in a magazine called "SOUL UNDERGROUND"....Testimony to the fact that "BREAKIN' ALL RECORDS" has been around a long time! 

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