1. Mile Away

From the recordings Mile Away and Rare Files

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Feat. Young Marquis produced by Nine Diamond


Verse 1

A mile away but it feels like I'm loosing my patience
A mile a minute yet I'm so far from my destination
But it seems so close I can almost see it and feel it and smell it
Is it in my future though? I wish that the Lord would unveil it
Travelled so far from the debts of the pits and the gutters
But I won't stop til I drop and they're closing my shutters
But otherwise I'ma keep on pursuing my dreams
Until it's over and the fat lady comes and sings
Meantime even though I get tired and weary
I won't give up 'cause I know that success is so near me
You hear me Lord I'm just praying that you keep me focused
You catapulted me so far forth from Locust
Fourth and Locust is where it all started
Street I grew up on in Milwaukee that's still where my heart is
In the shadows the past follows so I keeps it pushin'
So close but still lookin', lookin', lookin'.

Verse 2

They say, shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll be roamin' with stars
When I hit them charts with Paul Hardcastle I was aimin' at Mars
Who would ever imagine a man in London that I've never seen
Many miles away would have me fly underneath his wings
But I can't stop now yall...unn unn...no way
'Cause I been on a long mission way back since Run Dmc was singing "Walk This Way"
I walked this way...walked that way...Kinda seemed I was walking in a maze
But I finally made it out, yea I finally see the light thank God give Him all of my praise
Winners never quit...Quitters never win...so I'ma keep on doing my thing
Gave it up for a minute but I'm right back in it cause I can't stop chasing these dreams
Even though I don't know where the road leads to in the end it's the path I choose
But I know one thing my God's in control that's right my control's on cruise
You out there relating to this song? Feeling like your journey is long?
Don't stop now...push on...have faith...Be strong
Are we there yet? Not quite yet...any moment now...any day...
Your blessing is just right around that corner my friend just a mile away.