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Lamontiz Feat. Big City, Terry T. [Produced by Mike Money].


Oh you miss me huh? Haha, of course you do
Blowin' change on the thangs that I bought for you
I was lost in you, now it's costin' you
Once upon a time a nigga would've fought for you
But now I'm, now I'm, now I'm over you and I was, I was, so close to you
Now I fly first class over you
No looking back keep it moving like I'm 'pose to do
Ghost to you, so cherish all the memories girl
Cause now I got another lover that's so into me girl
And aint it funny how you don't know what you had 'til it's gone
And now you runnin' 'round depressed all sad and alone
Mad that I'm gone but dam who you blaming for that?
Guess it's really irrelevant, aint no changing it back
Now I be on the Billboards all across the shores
Gettin' 'rich n a bitch' world could've been yours....Dam